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St. Wilfrid's Parish Seder Meal 2023

Posted : Mar-30-2023

St. Wilfrid's Parish celebrated the Seder Passover Meal last Saturday, March 25th, 2023.

Thank you to all of our parishioners and guests who participated in this holy celebration. Special thanks go to Couples of Christ, who sang beautifully, to El Shaddai and our office staff for volunteering and hard work in organizing this event. Thank you also to our youth who also partook in their roles.

To watch the full live stream, check out our Facebook Page or click here.

Seder Meal Table Set-Up Prep

Seder Meal 2023 Shalom Intro

Seder Meal 2023 Lighting of candles

Seder Meal 2023 Priests and Speakers

Seder Meal 2023 meal plate

Seder Meal 2023 making bitter herb sandwich

Seder Meal 2023 Raising Wine Cup

Seder Meal 2023 Couples of Christ

Seder Meal 2023 Youth Group